Sunday, May 26, 2013

Samoan Pig BBQ Mmmmmmm!

Ok, heres the basic process as witnessed by me watching (and trying to help) a couple Samoan friends:

1) The fire is boxed out in newly cut green logs.

2)  Then we put a sheet of galvanized tin (it had been set on the fire earlier to burn the zinc off) in the box and put a layer or two of smaller rocks on the tin.

3) A fire built high with logs (maybe 24" tall-alot of wood!) is started and allowed to burn. As it burns the larger rocks (dry round river rocks are best) are put on top of the fire, they are being heated and are creating a surface between the ash/coals and where your going to set the pig (on top of the rocks).

4) At the right time the green perimeter logs are removed.

5) The pig is set on the rocks and then covered with a mound of soaked newspapers (banana leaves are better if you got em!). Its important that it is air tight, everywhere smoke comes out of the newspaper more wet newspaper must be added otherwise you will have charbroiled pig!

Joe adding some rock salt. You can see Greg busy soaking newspaper (why you ask?....scroll to the bottom and see the pics)

Look at that rock glow! Joe shows how hot the rocks need to be...and yes, they can be too hot. We put about 5 rocks in the cavity of each pig-careful to get an extra big one or two up by the most dense part of the pig-its head and rump.

Stuffed with hot rocks, sweet potatoes, cabbage (from our garden) the pig is then wrapped up with chicken wire-legs close to the body.

Here we see the fire burned to coals and the rocks sufficiently heated by being set on top of the fire early on. The box of green wood is being pulled away in preparation for receiving the pigs and building the wet newspaper mound.

Putting the pigs on. Cabbage adds would be better with banana or mango leaves!

The pigs being set on the rocks and coals.

Sealing the pig, rock, coals, and tin underneath a mountain of soaked newspaper.

Looking for any spots smoke is finding its way out and sealing with more wet newspaper.

About 3-4 hours after burying the pig in newspaper they are done, and might I add...DELICIOUS!

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E.B. White, Charlotte's Web 


  1. You had two roasted pigs and I didn't get an invite?

  2. More to come... Ill be sure you know about the next one!