Saturday, May 25, 2013

Finished Barn---Part 2

OK, now that its been lived in a bit I thought Id post some finished (its never really finished) pics....enjoy!

This is the chicken coop-the netting is more to keep hawks and owls out than to keep chickens in.

Front Door-Earlier in spring the barn the Daffodils were all in bloom all along the front of the barn.

You can see the other barn/shed in the distance. Its a little more utilitarian. Notice no windows. The roof has a section of opaque material going down the middle for light. Im using it for hay storage, raising poults and chicks, and a night roost for free range guineas, turkeys, and chickens.

For the goats, chicken wire to keep guineas out of center part of barn.

 The ladder going to what is now the kids play area...My daughter asked if I could put the play house on the ground for her...maybe next time :/

Kids play area

The backside is useful to hang some of the otherwise difficult to store items.

The inside of the chicken coop. Those are leghorns-great white egg layer. There are also a few Golden Lace Wyandottes. You cant really tell but the handle was made by my son and me out of some native Bodark wood-TOUGH STUFF!

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