Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hatching Your Own Chicks

We bought our fertilized eggs on ebay. Yes, ebay! They arrived well packed and we placed them in an incubator in our laundry room with an "egg turner" that turns a row of eggs periodically so all sides can get equal warmth. It goes through a complete "turn" in 2 hours so it doesn't move at a speed the eye can pick up.

After several weeks of watching and monitoring temperatures, we started hearing peeping coming from the incubator. Nothing had hatched yet, but the chicks were in there, ready to start pecking their way out!

A few hours the first chick had pecked a little hole and we got to see how hour after hour it struggled to free itself from it's shell. Egg after egg, we got to see this amazing life cycle in our laundry room, amidst the hassle and bustle of daily life.

This was our last egg, and we could not resist filming it!

Kevin will tell you what you need to hatch your own batch at home.

-Kevin here, evidently we've been going about this the wrong way, turns out theres a real easy way to hatch your own chick...heres a video how to (go to 40 seconds into the video)-  


OK-heres a link to a post on the basics (and a few secrets) when using a Styrofoam type incubator.

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