Thursday, June 6, 2013

Follow our Blog for a Chance to Win a Head of Garlic! Yum!

So Kevin sets down a big hairy bulbous head of garlic right on my kitchen counter top, and smiles. "Dinner," he grunts like a cave man.  I look at the huge thing like it's possessed. What am I to make with a head of garlic that is the size of my opened hand with a long tuft of greenery that is big enough to feed a family of ten!

Elephant Garlic looks imposing, but here's a clear case of the bark being worse than the bite. I ended up stir-frying two of its huge cloves in my trusty wok along with some freshly picked tomatoes and about a pound of green beans, also freshly picked from our garden. The elephant garlic tasted mild and buttery with a slightly crunchy texture, similar to a watercress.

At this rate though I can see that it will take us several years to eat through our bountiful harvest. I lost count of how many heads we pulled! So I'll be making lots and lots of garlic power in an attempt at shrinking down the bulbous bulk that is currently drying in our barn.

Ever since my friend Michele (Mikel) invited me to lunch at her house--where she treated me and and a group of "Raw Food" enthusiasts to Rawco Tacos--I've been coveting a new kitchen gadget. The   TSM Products Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator with 5 Stainless Steel Shelves AKA: awesome dehydrator that works ten times better than my dinky one. (Yes that's my preliminary review)

With all this garlic, I'm gonna need this big guy to make a stock pile of Garlic Powder that will last us through dooms day!

So while I figure out how to get pounds and pounds of garlic dehydrated and ground into powder, I will offer you (dear reader) a chance to taste some of our bulbous beauties.

For every five new followers to our brand new blog, I will raffle off a dehydrated and granulated head of garlic. A process that I will no doubt document on this blog.  So in essence, a head for a head! Get it? :-)

All you'd have to do is click on the Join This Site button on the sidebar of the blog and for every five people we will choose one at random and mail you out a dehydrated head of your choosing. Leave us a message and let us know what type of garlic powder you'd like.
Ajo Rojo or Elephant.


  1. I'm the first follower! crazy ;) I don't know enough about garlic to decide which one I'd like best. I'm going to say, "either one" :)

  2. THAT IS HUGE!!! Your gardens always turn out the biggest food I've ever seen.