Monday, June 3, 2013



We planted Elephant garlic, Ajo Rojo garlic, shallots, onions, and leeks last fall-around late Septemeber early October. Last weekend we harvested them, except for the leeks-we'll leave them a little longer. It was a bountiful harvest! Below are some pictures and descriptions.

 Here are the Ajo Rojo garlics ready for harvest. Ajo Rojo (Red Garlic in Spanish) Is considered a hardneck garlic. Its a great garlic to grow in mild winters-great garlic for the south. This is a spicy, high quality garlic! What do I mean by spicy? Well, when cooking with it 1 clove is equal to about 1 normal (Note: Im not the best to describe normal but in this case Ill define it as store bought) bulb!

 And heres the Elephant garlic! These are on the other end of flavor when compared to Ajo Rojo garlics. Elephant garlics are mild and sweet, they are related to leeks and they are HUGE! Be sure to check out the single CLOVE (not to be confused with a bulb) my daughter is holding in the pic below.

 Ajo Rojo garlics freshly harvested.

 Elephant garlics freshly harvested.

 Wheelbarrow full of garlics (and some shallots)!


 Garlics and shallots curing in the barn. I have a fan on them as well, Ill leave them here for about 2 weeks before removing the leaves and roots and storing them.


1 (one, uno) Elephant garlic clove!

Be sure to check out my wife's post on Garlic Soup using our Elephant garlic!

Mashed purple potatoes from the garden.

And they say you cant grow Dahlias in North East Texas! ha!


  1. Amazing. I want to grow both kinds of garlic. We grow onions year round as well as leeks & potatoes. I must be doing something wrong with my garlic. They don't form good bulbs. Chard is a good choice for year round crop & it looks good mixed in with ornamentals. Resists bugs & weather extremes better than spinach.

  2. Garlic!!!!

    I want some fresh garlic so bad.

    Looks so good!!!

  3. Follow our blog and I'll send you some!
    Kevin N.

  4. Your garlic and onions look great! I'm only planting watermelons this year and can't wait to see if they actually grow. This is our first time attempting watermelons.