Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Guinea Story Acording to Mack

O.K. so you probably heard about our Guinea hens from my parent’s blogs. Well, I’m going to tell you about them too. 

We first got them by mail. I know the mail! So we got 22 of them, and we put them in a big plastic box with some water and crushed up feed. As they grew up, we started preparing one of the rooms of the barn for them. Once we got the wiring done, and were able to put a heat lamp in there, we went out into the forest and got some branches and turned them into roosts for them.

After a few weeks we noticed that one of the Guinea hens had one foot growing the wrong way, so I brought it inside to my dad and he got some tape and wrapped it around the foot that was straight, then connected it to the foot that was bent, so that it was pointing straight. But what should have happened, didn’t  happen, because one night it got tangled into some string and went into a panic attack and died. Now we were down to only 21 Guineas.  

A month or two later, we decided to let them roam free in the back fenced area—a bad idea! As it started to get dimer out side, I suggested to my dad that we should bring them back inside the barn. But he said that they would be fine, that that was how they really lived. This was a mistake I will never forget, because that night an owl flew down and got them.

Over night we went from having 21 Guineas to only having 10 Guineas! And on top of all that, the next morning, the neighbors’ dogs, Hank and Stella, crept under the fence, and snacked on two Guineas! Then the next day, one mysteriously disappeared, so now we had seven.

One morning, a few weeks later, I let them out of the barn and when my dad came home, he told me that he couldn’t hear them. So I went to go look for them but they were nowhere to be found. After a few days of despair that we had no more Guineas, we received a call from our neighbor saying that one of her friends who lives across the forest from us, had seen seven Guineas who wandered into her yard. But here’s the thing: these people live 3 miles away! That’s a LONG ways away; especially when there’s nothing but forest! So my dad and I went over there, and what do you know? Its our Guinea hens! The first thing we did when we got, home was clip their wings. 
Areal picture of our house and where the hens were.

When spring came, while I was putting the animals inside the barn, I noticed only 6 Guineas, so I went looking for it. I found it sitting on a nest! I quickly ran inside and told my parents the good news. So my dad put a reminder on his phone to alert him when the eggs were supposed to hatch. When the day came, I went to the nest and 8 chicks were born. However 2 of them died right away, so we only had six.

My dad said it was up to me to decide what I wanted to do with them, and my decision was to take 3 for my own and leave three for the mom to take care of. Another BAD IDEA! Apparently Guinea hen mothers are horrible mothers, after the eggs hatch. Unfortunately, that night it rained really hard, and there were big puddles all over the back. So when I woke up I went to go look for the mother and her chicks, but I only found the mother. By the time I found the babies, they were already in a big puddle, for who knows how long, and they were barley moving. I quickly picked up all three of them, and brought them inside.

I put them all under the heat lamp along with the other Guineas, but sadly we could only revive 2 of them. When I looked outside, I saw the mother standing on a stump looking around with a confused look on her face. It was as if she was thinking,“Hmm… am I supposed to be doing something some thing right now? I think I lost something, but I can’t remember what?” 
I bet that if she could, she would have scratched her head too.

Well that’s my Guinea story. I will soon be writing another entry, about the Guinea chicks when they grow up! ;)



  1. Way to go Mack! What great experiences you are having with the guinea hens, some sad but nonetheless great experiences. I hope to read more blogs posts from you!