Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Crochetting Usless Things For Fun

For a few years now I've been harboring this secret desire to learn to crochet. Don't ask me why, it's one of those things that get in my head and I have to follow through. Just like learning to make tofu, or learning to make fluffy 100% whole wheat bread, or writing novels (Veiled & Living Soul) , or milking goats! I'm like that, curious. 

Last Christmas, while my mother was visiting, I decided to take a week off home school and take advantage of my mother's skills to learn to crochet. She's no expert, but knows the basics. Then with the aid of several YouTube instructional videos, I learned the first useless thing--a flower! 
I went to town making several different flowers:



 Roses, and some other random flowers, many of which have ended up on Liv's hair.

One evening (I crochet at night while we sit on the couch watching T.V.) while I was trying to make a different type of flower, I made a mistake and ended up with a tube. This gave me the idea of making a doll, because the tube resembled an arm. 

Off I went with skin colored yarn to make two legs and two arms. I ended up doing the same thing, but larger for the body, then followed some patterns for the head. 
Let me tell you, there's a whole world out there of tiny crochet wigs and doll dresses! I, however, am lazy, so I took the easiest way out and double crocheted this little gal.

For my second doll, I decided to not be so lazy and I made it with a single stitch, which is tighter. I made one mistake though, I didn't make her crown the same color as her hear, so I ended up having to add a lot more hair, just to cover up her bald spots! Now her head is super heavy and suffers from perpetual whiplash.

Next, I decided to make a Lalaloopsy doll, but somehow ended up with a huge cranium! Rather than unraveling it and starting over, I decided to go for it, and make a bigger doll. Well...IT TOOK FOR EVER! It ate up tons of yarn and it was a pain in the *&%$^@#! Yet, it turned out very cute! So cute that I gave it to a very covetous girl for her 6th birthday. 

For the fourth doll, I decided to go back to the smaller size, and following a picture of all the Lalaloopy's I made this red-headed doll. Liv thinks she's cute, but Mack said she looks like Godzilla, and Kevin said that I should be careful not to prick her with any pins because she looks like a Voodoo doll and some poor red headed girl somewhere will start feeling the stabbings! 

Now I'm working on this one. I made sure her arms were as long as her legs, so that she doesn't look like Godzilla, and hopefully the bigger, dark (not blue) eyes, and better positioned bangs will not leave her looking like a Voodoo doll. 

For my next doll (the purple hair one) I will pay attention to how I do it, and write down the pattern so I can share it on another entry.  
In the mean time, if you'd like to know where I got some of my ideas feel free to go to my Pintrest board named "My New Obsession" and you'll find the pins I followed to get patterns and so forth. P.S. Re-pin my dolls while you're at it! 

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