Saturday, February 1, 2014

Bab Birthed a Baby Bob!

Its been along time since we posted anything -not for a lack of things to post about!-so Im going to start with a few consecutive smaller update posts....See upcoming posts on El Roostador, the greenhouse/chameleon/barn hybrid, the mushrooms, and the slow but easy way to make your own animal trough from a log....did I mention the butcher block? I said, not for a lack of things to post about.

Ok, let me introduce you to baby Bob, our new born lamb, his real name is Snack and will be changed later to Dinner....but not if you ask Liv (our 6 year old daughter) who insists his name is Ben and definitely not Snack or Dinner! His other name "Bob" comes from his father because he has the same pattern on his head...confusing, I know but ultimately he probably would be best unnamed.

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