Sunday, February 2, 2014


El Roostador

El Roostador is the name of our rooster who thinks he’s the strongest bird on the farm-including the 30 pound turkeys! He has earned his reputation by being one of two survivors out of the entire flock of chickens left after a coyote attack one night. He is a Jersey Giant-The largest Chicken breed in the world-He’s still young and growing.                                                                                          

You see El Roostador likes to make himself seem stronger by puffing himself up and chasing the other birds. A good example of his personality was shown one day when I was letting the animals out of the barn and two guinea hens were fighting each other and El Roostador ran over there and fought them both.  Every morning when my little brother Porter lets El Roostador out of the barn he puffs his chest up and runs up to him like hes going to attack, only to turn away at the last second. The funny thing is that when he chases me I just turn around and look at him and he cowers and runs away. Here’s some pictures of him.

-From Mack

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